Across the span of medicine, women have had different access to care than men. Hormonal birth control was tested and developed on women, despite the complexity of female biology. Exercise equipment of old (imagine those nautilus machines of the 80's), was developed to fit men- without regard to women's smaller statures. To this day, much of the research coming out of pharmacology is centered around male responses.

Oversight allowed for poor health outcomes and ignorance of the unique needs of women. Because of how dynamic our bodies are throughout our lifespan, our needs differ greatly from men. Sensory changes, immunity challenges and bone density degradation- these are all difficulties that are uniquely biased to women. Add to that the complexity of aging: moving through society as an older woman, having roles at home change as kids leave the house- the life of women is dynamic. As such, it is our honor to offer unique programs to promote strength, healing and resilience for aging women. 


Beyond Aging 


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