1:1 Wellness Evaluations/ Functional Trainings with Trina Mann

Are you feeling stuck in your current fitness routine? Have you had injuries and are uncertain how to modify your exercise program? Are you struggling with a lack of motivation? Trina brings her unique background in orthopedic and neurologic physical therapy to help clients maintain function and get out of fitness ruts with safety. 1:1 training can help you:

- Objectively assess your current level of physical function

-Stay functional in daily activities as you age

-Establish meaningful movement goals to help you age with strength and independence

- Identify a unique movement plan to help you perform and move better 

-Improve your training outcomes

Making changes in routines, establishing new habits and creating strength takes time. Even in the best case scenario, building more strength requires at least 6 weeks on consistent effort! Trina offers 1:1 wellness evaluations quarterly, over the course of the year. This time allows you to check in on movement and strength progress, revise goals and chart the progress of your movement over the course of the year.