PWR Basics



PWR Basics

Get a taste of  the Basic 4 PWR! moves in all different positions: seated, standing, prone, supine. After this course you will have a solid 20-30 minute exercise plan you can use when not in class or the gym. 

Commitment level: 1 week

Yoga for Recovery

Neurotrophic Bootcamp:​

Harness the healing properties of exercise for your brain and body using challenging high intensity intervals, Parkinson's Wellness Recovery moves, and cognitive challenges.

Commitment level: 12 weeks



Transformational Posture:

Use orthopedic techniques and specific exercises to learn about your particular postural needs and what exercises are best suited to help transform your alignment.


Commitment level: 12 weeks  

Yoga for Recovery:

Enjoy a restful yoga practice to help you recover from challenging physical practices. Rejuvenate your tissues, restore flexibility and learn meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Commitment level: 8 weeks