Online Practical Strength Classes with Trina- Beginning in December 2020

Are you looking to build a solid foundation of strength in your body that supports your daily demands?


Have you gotten caught in a cycle of frequent injuries doing the physical activities you love?


Do you know the 4 must have functional movements that we need as we age, and how to build these in your body?


If you are like most people I have seen during my 13-year tenure as a Physical Therapist, your body needs a balanced base of strength and support that is not taught in conventional exercise classes or sports. I have boiled down the essential exercises we all need to be doing on a consistent basis into my Practical Strength Course. This course will give you the tools you to care for your body in an entirely new and sustainable way


Some of the topics I will be covering in this course include:


-       Biomechanics of the four must have movements

-       Neutral spine awareness

-       Shoulder blade awareness

-       Posterior chain lower extremity strength

-       Rotator cuff strength and safety

-       Symmetry of mobility


Strength is like a bank account- if we are not adding to it, it slowly depreciates over time. Take care of your physical future and take the initiative to start exploring and building your essential strength now in this unique course!


10% of the profits from all Practical Strength classes will be donated to local food banks and local ASPCAs


This course begins on December 7, 2020, and will be offered live on Zoom bi-weekly,

Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00-8:45 a.m. (PST)

* Classes will also be recorded and be available at your convenience if you can't make them live.

* You can join the class on an individual class basis or buy a monthly pass.