Are you a good candidate for 1:1 Wellness? What are the differences between physical therapy and 1:1 Wellness?


Physical therapy is the gold standard of medical care for people working with a specific diagnosis (such as pain related to osteoarthritis at their knee).

To pursue physical therapy, you would see your primary medical care provider, or a specialist, and get a referral to work with a physical therapist in person to address the nuanced needs of your musculoskeletal/ neurologic issue.

Physical therapy is generally paid by your medical insurance provider, for a certain number of sessions within a calendar year.


Wellness is a wonderful option for people who have had a medical issue in the past that they have recovered from, or for folks living with a chronic issue (such as Parkinson’s disease or osteoporosis) for which they have good medical management.


Why do we need Wellness care?

In general, physical therapy sessions are not extensive enough to cover good care of our physical bodies over our lifetime or in the presence of a chronic or degenerative medical issue. Wellness care can help to reinforce positive outcomes, slow degeneration and sometimes prevent progression of medical issues. 


Wellness is often provided by licensed health care professionals (such as physical or occupational therapists) who have a background in working successfully with specific physical challenges.


Wellness is a path for people who:


  • Are healthy and would like to expand their function/ strength/ learn a new approach to workouts

  • Have a chronic medical issue that is well healed or managed and are ready to challenge their body more


Wellness may not be the right fit for you if:


  • You have a new or progressing issue, and you have not received medical care for it

  • You have pain or dysfunction that requires hands on care (which may be better suited to a round pf physical therapy)



Still unsure if you might be a good candidate for 1:1 Wellness work?




Please contact Trina with questions about 1:1 Wellness at:  brainsandbells@gmail.com