Lower Extremity Orthopedics: Fall 2020

Fall 2020 class registration closed. Please check back for future classes. 

As a yoga teacher, personal trainer, or body worker, do you find you bump into limits of your training while working with clients? Do you long to know more about body mechanics to effectively and efficiently focus your care to maximize client progress?


If you are adventurous and curious about enhancing your client’s safety and progress, and want to push the boundaries of your knowledge while developing wisdom in biomechanics and anatomical kinesiology, this course is for you!


Combining my expertise as a Physical Therapist of 13 years, my 11 years as an orthopedic clinical specialist, and my training in the biomechanics and anatomy lab, I am offering this unique course, which distills the essential concepts of orthopedics so that you can have a deeper understanding of musculoskeletal concepts to better guide your practice.


This 8-week course will begin on September 14, 2020 and will focus on orthopedic concepts of the lower extremity. The course will alternate between lectures and movement labs, mirroring the learning model used in Physical Therapy instruction.


The lower extremity course includes:

  • 4 live lectures focusing on general orthopedic concepts in tissue healing and joint movement, with a specific focus on the foot and ankle, knee and hip

  • 4 live movement labs exploring posture and gait assessment and instruction with specifics about progressing and containing movement following injury


Special topics we cover in our courses will include but are not limited to:

  • A rapid review of anatomy and physiology of the lower extremity 

  • Models of pain production (focus of the class is on biomedical model)

  • Phases of tissue healing following injury

  • Joint shapes of the lower extremity and resulting passive joint mechanics

  • Impact of forces across tissues (muscle, tendon and bone)

  • How to progress your clients safely from non-weight bearing to weight bearing activities

  • Succinct posture and gait assessments to help direct meaningful care

  • How to better protect injured tissues

  • When to refer your client out for medical care


* Please note, we will not be covering manual therapy techniques in this class, outside of lymphatic massage techniques.


Cost: $200

Schedule: Monday evenings (Sept. 14- Nov. 2); 6:00-7:15 pm 

This course is intimate and focused and therefore space is limited. If you are interested in joining me for this class please send an email to trina.g.m@gmail.com entitled “orthopedic course” and please include your area of expertise and where you would like to grow as a practitioner.


I look forward to creating great outcomes and integrated health across disciplines with you all.