Living with a chronic condition can be exhausting- Parkinson's Disease is no exception. To add insult to injury, changes in motivation and energy can be hallmarks of PD. Lisa and I have crafted programs to work with the physical aspects of Parkinson's (such as balance, posture and forced exercise) as well as support management of the emotional and cognitive challenges that can present in your life. It is our hope that you learn to find novel ways to enhance your wellness and nurture your mind and body. If you don't see a program that interests you below, please email us so we can work together to best support your goals. 

Fitness + Flow:

Strength, Balance, Posture, Function

Fitness + Flow:

Looking to transform your current fitness and improve balance? 

Lisa and I have designed an 8 week class designed to help you progress in strength, endurance and balance. A beautiful blend of functional strength and supportive recovery yoga and balance techniques. 

Are you having difficulty maintaining motivation? Is your body sore from vigorous? Join Selma Lewis, PhD and Trina as they explore techniques in mindset, meditation and yoga. The foundation for all of the concepts in this course is self compassion. 

Mindfulness Practices for People with PD 

And Their Partners