BEYOND AGING: Bone, Beliefs + Balance Podcast: with Selma Lewis, PhD and Trina Mann, DPT  

Selma and I have been dreaming of creating an offering specific to women with a focus on aging since the moment we met. We have wanted to address women specifically, and provide our own insights as clinicians, listen to the stories of other women and provide practices to serve specific needs. We will explore the challenges of aging unique to the experience of women- through story, interviews, behavioral and cognitive practices as well as physical practices with the focus on enhancing ease and building connection. Dr. Selma Lewis, PhD psychotherapy will offer her wisdom and compassionate insight and I will be offering up my own two cents on the topics we will delve into. Some of the places we would like to explore:

- The roles of women in relationships through the lifespan (daughter, partner, parent, caregiver)

-The changing relationship with our physical bodies through the arc of our life

-Finding a way to express our passion and create meaning at different stages in our life path

Beyond Aging Podcast info coming soon!


Please email selma@selmalewis.com or Trina at brainsandbells@gmail.com with any questions or topics your would like us to discuss or look into